Factory 1: 87 Vo Van Bich Street, Tan Thanh Dong Village, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh city Factory 2: 5 Hamlet, Duc Hoa Dong Village, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province Hotline: 028 22 277 288


Our company is a business between Vietnam and Taiwan, established and officially went into production since 2008. Our company owns the most modern production machines from now. small size 10cm to 300cm large.
We, Tan Ngoc Phat Plastic Packaging Company Although we are a young business, we operate and operate factories based on receiving technical know-how accumulated from research, research, learning and many years of professional experience. We are very cautious about the source of production materials, so we import plastic pellets directly from the Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Australia …. Where the quality of plastic pellets is assessed as standing. The world’s most unmatched.
We specialize in providing packaging products for domestic and international markets through sustainable and respectful business strategies that we have built over the years. Our products have a reputation in the Vietnamese market not only in terms of quality, high technology but also on the business prestige from the best prices in the market to the timely delivery with customers. Our products cater to all industries from Industry (apparel, footwear, hats, consumer goods production …) – Agriculture (Big Pe roll covered greenhouses, growing vegetables, …) and Ngu Nghiep (shrimp pond bottom, fish breeding pond. PE bags directly packed with fish, shrimp for export …).
We always try to create a happy working environment where employees are motivated to work hard, have high cooperation with management, and always strive to build business relationships. sustainable with your customers through the process of constantly updating innovation and improving modern technology. Along with putting into operation the production line on the basis of diversifying product lines, we will quickly meet the needs of the market and thereby improve customer satisfaction.
Our highest goal is to become a strong business that can provide peace of mind and a prestigious place for customers – trustworthy customers. We hope that customers will continue to support and accompany us on the way to develop and become a large-scale enterprise.
Sincere thanks to all customers.